Nyangombe Christian Training Centre

I am now here at Nyangombe Christian Training Centre in Mwinilunga for my second placement in Zambia! The last few weeks have been extremely busy so haven’t been able to update you all for a while. I arrived here a week ago on Thursday and before that I was on a short trip in Livingstone- if I find the time I will do a separate blog post about my time in Livingstone and all the amazing things I saw there including elephants and the wonderful Victoria Falls! For now I will update you on what I’m doing here at Nyangombe.

Nyangombe is a Christian training centre located in Nyangombe Village which composes of a Bible school,  a Primary school,  an out-patients clinic, a carpentry workshop, a farm and classes on IT computer skills and tailoring/sewing are ran throughout the year. The work being done here is really fruitful because not only is the Bible being taught at Bible school but people are also learning essential skills that will help them get employment!

I have been very kindly welcomed by Gordon and Sybil McKillop- fellow Scots- who I am getting on very well with and am enjoying hearing their missionary life stories over meal times! I am staying in a house next door to theirs- it is very cool! It is very compact inside too with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

My own little house!

My own little house!

The main focus of the centre is the bible school and throughout the year conferences are held in it for various people groups. When I arrived there was a 10-day ladies conference happening consisting of Bible teaching, small groups and lots of great singing! With 150 joyful ladies praising God the atmosphere was very powerful and uplifting. These ladies were so delighted to be here and were so passionate about studying from and learning from God’s word that I was very encouraged. I have also been working in the bible school library stamping all the books!

Small discussion groups

Small discussion groups

11158030_833874573348666_1102936208_nToday there are 150 (possibly more) Sunday School teachers from all the local village churches arriving for a bible teaching conference. I am going to be involved in teaching some games and memory verse learning activities I’ve learned in my experience of Sunday School and children’s work at Greenview!

I have also been involved with youth work here , it is the school holidays so there are lots of young people and kids about which is great! I have been playing volleyball with them almost every afternoon which is great fun and good way to get to know them all better. Their English is very good which makes it very easy for me to chat to them! 11127798_833874496682007_1099858835_n

The volleyball team!

The volleyball team!

Yesterday I did my first bible study with a group of local teenage girls which went very well and they asked me some very challenging questions- it was only through God’s Spirit and grace I was able to attempt an answer!! We are studying the book of Mark and looking at the question- who is Jesus?  My prayer for the girls is that through the study they would come to have a living knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and and what he’s done for us and

that God’s word would bring them the life and hope and transformation it has brought me.

Our first study yesterday!

Our first study yesterday!

There is such a great need for the Gospel here in Africa- the effects of sin are devastating as they are all around the world and if people only knew Christ then what a different place it would be! In my short time here God has really spoken to me and changed my heart to make me passionate about mission and reaching out to the lost.

“What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage that I may gain Christ and be found in him”

Philippians 3:8-9


More adventures!

I thought I’d update you all about some of the weird and wonderful things I’ve been doing here at Chit!

Last Tuesday I went out for the day with a lady called Dorothy who’s been a missionary at Chit longer than all the others here- she is a nurse but most of her ministry is out in the surrounding villages rather than the hospital. Every Tuesday Dorothy drives out into the villages in her truck to give out medication to chronic patients and also gives community support by trading supplies such as baby bundles and bed sheets for chickens and fresh oranges for the hospital! She also gives lifts to patients to and from the hospital. What she does is really fantastic because these people are living in rural villages- miles away from major towns where the supplies are! It was quite a crazy day driving in rural Zambia all day whilst stopping every 10 minutes to people on the road waving at us down. When the children heard the car coming they crowded round the car in their masses and wanted to shake my hand and ask ‘how are you’ in English- anything I said back made them in fits of laughter. They also laughed A LOT when I took their picture and showed them it back!  11074137_815095145226609_1580301774_n11080160_815095581893232_1205256651_nAfter having a nshima meal in a Zambian lady’s house, we stopped at a village for a bible study class. Dorothy told me that 5/6 years ago before the class started the village was very unsettled and now the  people say the community has really positively changed because of the transformative power of God’s word! I observed in the class how keen the adult students were to learn and their testimony challenged me to read my bible earnestly with the expectancy for change and growth in my faith.

The hospital has been as busy and exciting as ever! I have been seeing and learning so much. I observed a cataract operation and then had the privilege of seeing the young girl’s joy when she had gone from being blind to seeing again- she was over the moon!! It got me thinking about Jesus healing the blind and how much we can rejoice as Christians that God has opened our eyes from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ!

Another major highlight was for the first time witnessing the amazing miracle of birth and even getting to assist in the delivery. It was definitely the most weird and wonderful thing I’ve ever seen!11050982_818210328248424_454703202_n (1)

I have particularly enjoyed children’s work I’ve been involved in here. Last Saturday at the bible class for some local children I told the exciting story of Moses and the Israelites crossing the Red Sea then we played a fun game of duck duck goose then got a ride home on the trailer! The children are very attentive and are very good at learning their memory verses! This week I will be talking to them about Easter so I am praying that they will understand the Gospel message and will have receptive hearts to God’s offer of salvation through the cross!.


Bible class

Bible class

First Week at Chitokoloki

I’ve been here for over a week now and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone and how much I’ve done and learned already! I arrived safely in Zambia last Wednesday with no flight delays or complications which I am very thankful to God for and to all those who were praying for me! At Lusaka airport I met up with Stuart and Hannah Sinclair (who are also doing a short-term mission trip at Chit) and the next day got our internal flight to Chitokoloki. I admit I felt quite nervous when I saw the size of the plane but the journey was very pleasant due to the expertise of our pilot Chris and the good weather!

Co-pilot! Chris let me fly the plane for a bit of the journey.

Co-pilot! Chris let me fly the plane for a bit of the journey.

Me standing next to the plane taking us to Chit.

Me standing next to the plane taking us to Chit.

When we landed we were shown to our new home which was the guest house called ‘The Annex’ which we were sharing with Lynsey and Jenni (5th year Glaswegian medical students on their elective from Aberdeen Uni) and Dr Ros- a paedititrican from Oxford! I was surprised to meet other Glaswegians in Zambia of all places! We all get on really well and have become a sort of family despite only knowing each other for 10 days!!

Entrance to Chit

Entrance to Chit


New home

The following day I went to hospital for my first day! As I look back at my diary for that day the first word I wrote was “insane”! The hospital was such a wonderful place and I was just overwhelmed by the number of patients and how hard the staff and missionary staff work to help them! Having never been in a developing country- the contrast between Chit and a UK hospital astounded me! I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The way the missionaries showed God’s love to their patients really struck me and the suffering and poverty I saw really moved my heart to love and serve them as God loves them.

I have done many different things here already! Have circulated in theatre, given out tracts and John’s Gospels to patients, helped in the clinic, done some admin work, visited the local villages for gospel outreach and made some new special friends in the hospital who I play and hang out with! Spending time with the patients has been my favourite thing to do so far. My prayer is that I’ll have opportunities to talk to them about Jesus Christ as I spend time with them. I am the worst artist ever but have been drawing their portraits because it really makes them laugh!

My two new friends in Orthopaedics and their portraits!

My two new friends in Orthopaedics and their portraits!

I love hanging out with Yvonne who’s been in hospital for a long time and is very girly and likes to read.

I painted Yvonne's toenails to match mine!

I painted Yvonne’s toenails to match mine!

Yvonne and I's portraits of one another, hers is significantly better!

Yvonne and I’s portraits of one another, hers is significantly better!

The ladies on the female ward styled my hair nicely and are asking to braid it all one day!

The ladies on the female ward styled my hair nicely and are asking to braid it all one day!

Last night I was at a bible study for the girls in the school dormitories- their singing was phenomenal, I hadn’t heard anything like it before! We were looking in Genesis at Noah and the great flood. Tonight the annex are having some of the missionaries round for a pancake and games night- exciting!

Thank you for being interested enough to read to the end and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your prayers because God has really blessed me in answering them! I have settled in so well and Zambia really isn’t as scary as I expected it to be- in fact it has infinitely exceeded my expectations!! Cannot wait to see what the next 11 weeks will bring!

Beautiful scenery down at the Zambezi river

Beautiful scenery down at the Zambezi river

Zambia 2015


I would really appreciate prayer for these points as I embark on my FirstServe overseas mission to Zambia on 3rd March for 12 weeks!

  • For boldness from God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the good news of his great love as his servant and ambassador.
  • That I would be able to adapt and adjust to a different climate and culture- specifically food and creepy crawlies!
  • That I would put my total trust in God and his sovereignty as I face various challenges and difficulties. 
  • That my faith and relationship with Christ would be stretched and strengthened as I serve him.
  • For the work of the missionaries currently at Chitokoloki Mission Hospital and Nyangombe Christian Centre and the spread of the Gospel in Zambia.
  • That I would learn more about myself and what God is equipping me for and guiding my life towards.
  • For safe travel to my first placement at Chitokoloki on 3rd March and physical safety throughout my time there and at Nyangombe.

Not long until I’ll be sharing my experiences in Zambia with you!

I’m back!

Readers,I apologize for being the worst blogger ever! Here is just a short update on what is happening just now!

I finished my time at Mack in Cardiff on the 29th November and I was very sad to leave behind all my new friends who had been so kind and supportive to me during my 6 weeks there! I particularly miss my hosts Pete and Jenny and my mentor Elaine who were wonderful to me during my placement. I forgot to get a photo with them which is another incentive for me to go back and visit! I really feel that I gained a lot from my experience at Mack both practically and spiritually; from learning to prepare children’s talks to evangelising to someone who knows very little about Christianity.The most significant thing I came to realise, however, was that I alone couldn’t do God’s work on my own strength but that I had to trust and depend on Him in everything I was doing.

I have been back home now for over a month and have enjoyed catching up with family and friends who I missed when I was away (although my sister wasn’t too pleased at having to move back out my room)! Now the countdown to Zambia is on!! I leave on the 3rd  March and return on the 27th May and I am extremely excited (and scared). I am getting my first injections on Wednesday so it is all starting to seem real now! Please pray as I make  preparations for going and that I won’t become too nervous about it as the furthest I have ever travelled is Spain!!

Thank you for your interest and prayers and I promise to update more on this when I’m abroad!

A Big Mack Welcome!

I can’t believe this photo was taken 18 days ago back in Glasgow just before catching my train to Cardiff! Time has certainly flown past since then! DSC_0544I have really settled into Mackintosh church here in Cardiff and I cannot describe just how warmly welcomed I have felt by the people in Mack and I am so grateful to them for that- I really do feel at home here! I have also been made to feel at home by my host family- Pete and Jenny Andrews- who are looking after me really well and keeping me well fed since Jenny is a fantastic cook!

Let me introduce you to Mack church! Mack has a congregation of around 90  and meets every Sunday morning and evening with various events on during the week which I will tell you about. Here is the main meeting hall. DSC_0556 - Copy I am being kept very busy here by the various ministries ran throughout the week at Mack.

On a Monday I help with a book table on the high street where we give out free Christian literature to passers by. We have literature available in over 70 languages  This is a great way to invite people along to the church and for people to be reading the Gospels when they might not have a Bible themselves.

Freda and I standing in front of the book table

Freda and I standing in front of the book table

Also on a Monday I attend the Women’s meeting then help at the Christianity Explored course in the evening which is well attended by many Chinese students that are keen to learn about the life story of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel. It was really encouraging yesterday when a man we met at the book table in the morning came to Christianity Explored in the evening!

On Wednesday’s I help with the mother and toddler group in the morning then I have either home group or a prayer meeting in the evening. On a Thursday night I help at the youth club where we have great fun with the large number of children that come along and have a Bible talk too. Then on a Sunday I help at Sunday school and then at ‘slam’ for teenagers in the afternoon.

This Sunday was very busy because I shared my testimony in front of the church then went and did my first Sunday school lesson ever on Jonah! I also go for pastoral visits to elderly church members during the week with the church’s full time worker, Al.

In amongst preparing for all these activities I still have a good amount of free time to do my Bible study and to go shopping and visiting! On Saturday I took on the task of making a blueberry cheesecake which turned out to be delicious which I was pleasantly surprised by!!

DSC_0587 HAZZY - WIN_20141101_140259

Thank you all for your support and prayers and will update you all again soon!


Here I am at last writing my blog! I was enjoying myself far too much at Tilsley College that I didn’t find the time to start it! And studying too of course…

My 3 1/2 weeks at Tilsley College were honestly the best ones of my life so far! I made really great friends, had a lot of laughs, learnt loads about the Bible and really grew in my relationship with God. Not bad eh?

I had the wonderful privilege of meeting my fellow First-Servers- Anna, Abi and Ruth (Roof) who I got along so well with and got to know really well despite the short time we had together! Here is us on one of our afternoon’s away to the David Livingstone Centre with John where we were inspired by the life story of the great physician and missionary, David Livingstone!

David Livingstone Center

Anna, me, Ruth, Abi at the David Livingstone Centre

I also got to know the students doing the year-long certificate course at Tilsley really well- we had days out together in Glasgow (guided by myself), Edinburgh, Bothwell Castle and not to mention the expeditions we had to Strathclyde Park, Asda and Poundland! The staff at Tilsley were also great fun and all do a really excellent job in my opinion!  I will definitely be visiting the college when I’m back in the Winter because I miss everyone loads!


Firstservers (front) and Tilsley students on our last day!

I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures I heard during my weeks here. They ranged from exploring the reliability of the Bible to systematic theology to personal evangelism to children’s ministry. Perhaps my favourite were the ‘Christian Life’ classes that looked at the various spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, praying and scripture memorization and their importance in growing in our relationship with God! I also enjoyed my weekly placements at a youth club in Hamilton and a children’s club in Bothwell.

If time travel were possible I would undoubtedly go and relive those weeks at Tilsley again but for now I have moved on to the next stage of my journey in Cardiff! Blog post to follow…


Last night at Tilsley- the most hilarious fun and banter was had ever!!